Have you ever wondered if a product that was labeled “eco” or “green” did in fact help preserve or reduce impact on any of our natural resources, either directly or indirectly ? After hearing many claims and listening to many people question their authenticity, we decided to offer a mark that can be relied on to have verified the effectiveness of said claims.

Selective manufacturers, or other appropriate entities, may display the Resource Savvy mark if they can demonstrate and verify a reduced usage and impact on the natural resources of our planet by the products they offer. The products and their adherence to the principal would be subject to a periodic review.

This verification process is somewhat dynamic. From the obvious “waterless car wash and wax” to the “improved insulation for a refrigerated appliance” the demonstration and testing required is quite different. Our group of professionals will work with the submitter to tailor a program that verifies the product deserves the Resource Savvy mark.

The consumer or user of the product then knows that the provider understands the value of our natural resources. If you have such a product, use the Inquiry page to start a dialogue with us.

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